• Joel Hess

Remodeling: A Personal Experience

A home remodel is a very personal experience. Unlike other service industries, (restaurants, carpet cleaners, etc.) remodeling services our rendered in your home over a more extended period of time. For many people, this is hard because their home space and routine are personal and sacred things to them, and having everything uprooted, even temporarily, can feel like a lot.

When I started my company, I understood how uncomfortable the experience of going through a remodel could be. Living out of a temporary kitchen, or not having access to your own bathroom is not fun for anyone, especially when you have to do it for a month or two.

Through my experience I have found a few things cut down on this stress. First, is that I always set up usable, temporary spaces in a customer’s home. This creates a feeling, of a home within a home, that the homeowner can use for the time being, and makes sure that the rest of the house stays clean and separate from the remodel. Second and more importantly, is building a strong relationship with the homeowner. Given the personal nature of a remodel, a lot of trust is required, and the more a customer can trust me, the better their experience will be. I work constantly on building this trust by checking in with them frequently, keeping my job site clean, and making sure they are always up to date on the progress of their job.

My philosophy is that remodeling should be fun. After all it is the process of tearing apart something old, and making something new that you want even more! Working hard to build a relationship of trust is important because it is only when that trust is there, that the homeowner can really experience the fun of creating a new space.