Many companies claim to do it all for you, but few genuinely do. Working with separate design firms, scheduling and overseeing your own subcontractors, and managing your own project can be costly, stressful, and time consuming. That is why we take care of all of that for you. We design, coordinate, and construct your job ourselves. We find that our integrated approach helps us alleviate unexpected costs, control your schedule, ensure quality, and make sure that your remodeling experience is as painless as possible.


Remodeling projects can sometimes have an overwhelming network of contacts (salesperson, designer, architect, contractor, project foreman, different trade specialists, etc.). This can create confusion when trying to find the right person to turn to when you need answers. With so many separate contacts, intent can be lost, costs can be hidden, blame can be transferred and frustration tends to ensue. To avoid this problem we have simplified our lines of communication down to two people: your designer and your job’s team leader. Your designer is your contact person from the first call until construction starts, and your job’s team leader is your contact person from the start of construction until the final punch list item is complete. Our streamlined approach ensures that the person you turn to for answers knows you and understands your job inside and out.


The project designer and team leader collaborate throughout each job. To start, they talk over your goals and brainstorm how they can refine and improve upon the designer’s initial plan. They look over the plan and drawings and discuss the number of hours the job will take, how the job will flow, and how the overall design will come to life. During the the initial stages, the team leader will help the designer conceptualize how easy or difficult it will be to bring a design idea to life. This helps give the designer a better sense of how much a certain idea may cost in practice, which makes for more accurate estimates.

Once construction starts, the team leader stays in constant communication with the designer to make sure that he accurately brings the designers ideas to life and that she is aware of how the project is progressing. By combining their respective expertise, the designer and team leader are able to create remodels that are both more imaginative and practical, all while learning from each other along the way.


Deciding if you want to move forward with a project is hard, which is why we make sure to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. During the second appointment, you will be presented with an estimate (laying out the entire scope of work), a floor plan, and a 3D rendition of your prospective project. Every plan that we make for you balances the vision and budget that you expressed to your designer at the first appointment, and is a responsible reflection of how much your job will cost.


We understand that customers fear having to take the reins into their own hands on projects. That is why every job we run has its own dedicated team leader who will be both the project foreman and lead craftsman on site. Your team leader performs much of the skilled work on your project, manages and monitors your schedule, oversees all project specialists, and troubleshoots all issues that arise on site. They also check in with you frequently to provide updates on the job, and will be your point of contact from the first day of demolition until the final punchlist item is complete. With the team leader taking care of the project management, you get to be as  involved with your remodel as you like, and can have peace of mind knowing that your project is always under control.